Coach & Parent Resources

Mark Linden of Baseball Positive has been a long-time partner with Bellevue Thunderbird Little League, providing early season coach training as well as player clinics for pitching and catching. He also has been the mastermind behind our t-ball program, and offers camps throughout the year. Mark has provided the following links to his website and Facebook, where you will find resources for coaches and parents:


BP Facebook Page

Here is a promo information for 2018 Coach and Parent training for various levels:

2018 Coach Training Promo Document

A great resource for all coaches is the Little League Coach Resource Center. Click here to be redirected to the site. Registration is FREE if you're not already a member.

Click here for a very good document on protecting your young pitcher's arms from Little League.

HERE is another article about arm safety and mechanics for young pitchers provided by Wristband Resources. This article includes information about both baseball and softball pitching.

Also see this article from for some good information on common causes for pitching injuries.

The Art of Pitching article from New York Times: The Art of Pitching

Click here for a template to use for creating your game lineup.